November 28, 2009

Oops pow surprise & assorted anxieties

Oye everyone. Posting has been light lately because A) I've been busy B) I'VE BEEN BUSY. I need to tidy up a few things around here actually, but until then let's talk about my week.

I have final exams coming at me quite literally like a train. Everywhere for two weeks, reviews and shit abound. It's been a blast but I'm about ready for Winter Break. Let's talk about my oral exam in Philosophy.

I think I'm going to discuss socialism since it's a bit of a connecting theme in our discussions, in this case socialism simply equaling redistributive policies. I think I try to stuff too much nuance and gravitas into things sometimes and that's why I fail.

I have a ten page paper due for my slave narratives class and I think I will talk about the slavery family unit as seen through the narratives we've covered so far. I'm a little wary about this since family and slavery aren't exactly new ground and I feel like even my outline is plagiarizing, but the more ideas I get the more it's really fascinating. So I think I'll stick with it. Also my rough draft is due the 7th so I don't have a lot of time to play around with decisions and shit.

I have ANOTHER final essay due in British Literature I. This dude...really likes cerebral topics and frankly I'm tired of thinking in his damn class. Yes, I admit it.

Calculus exam is going to involve math of a calculus degree. Sustain me.

Speech exam...I have a final oral on veganism and why you should do this thing and I'm not too sure about that either; I feel weird because I'm on more of a pollo-pescatarian going towards being vegan. I think I may ultimately end up being a vegan-ish flexitarian just because it benefits me more. And, I mean, I can present on being vegan and vegetarian all day long but I'm finding it hard because it's a persuasion speech and frankly, I've already seen the folks in this class aren't going to be persuaded into eating vegan so it feels pretty pointless to me, other than getting the grade.

I think I've gone from not taking school seriously enough to taking it TOO seriously. Is that even possible? I didn't think that was even possible. My god.

I don't even want to talk about my humanities exam except that I hope I pass it and pass it well so I don't embarrass myself by failing the class.

I'll be done with all of this, theoretically, by the 18th, so if you see me flailing about like ye olde headless chicken, just stop me and give me a honey bun or something.

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