November 25, 2009

The Final Wednesday of NaNoWriMo

Okay everyone, we're coming up on the last days of National Novel Writing Month. I'd like to take a few minutes and thank Youtube, the Internet, my pain, my suffering, my hopes, my fears, my life, and viewers like you.

This has actually rather been fun. I'm trending to meet the deadline right on time, perhaps even by the skin of my teeth as usual. If you've been reading along I hope you've enjoyed or at least not been mad at me.

So let me lay it out, what's going to happen, before I continue with today's excerpts. Now...I'm going to meet the 50,000 word goal. The problem is, I won't be finished. My creativity, drive, and ability really staggered around the middle mark so I didn't get all that I could done, so no the tale isn't finished yet.

Will I? Well with exams and Christmas break coming up, I guarantee you I seriously won't have shit to do so that's almost a definite yes. I'll probably continue posting excerpts as well on a regular basis, probably Monday and Wednesday still because for real who likes Mondays and Wednesdays. Me neither.

Anyway, I'm still taking title donations by the way. If you don't drop me one I'll have to think of one myself. Just pause on that a minute.

...If that horrifies you, look to the lovely sidebar and there is the suggestions box under my widget.

Lastly, this particular arc is getting pretty deep and you're going to bear witness to a couple of my attempts at erotica. Worse than that, bad shit is going to happen to our protagonist and--

...what? You mean I've been doing that the whole time? Well shit, don't worry then!

On with the show! So last we left Ash, he was about to have a grand old time exploring the village for answers, and then things get weird and people die.

After that harrowing incident, he has to go back to the village and...oh dear, things have changed.

Bonus: you'd think after all that shit you would just stay at home and either wait until morning or rock quietly. But you'd be wrong because this is my story and I have to move it along.

So if that second set looks suspect to you, it's becoming apparent to me that I'm trying to secretly turn the symbolic scars into some weird allegory for my ex-self mutilation problem. I don't know why, the two have nothing in common but I did draw on my own experiences for the reactions. Just keep in mind that regardless it's going to be a running theme.

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