July 25, 2009

Supplementary reasons why I give up on life: M'Obama

No, Obama himself isn't the reason I'm about to quit this plane of existence, don't worry.

While I was writing my last post I wanted to show you a link to a message board post, but I realized that it was something I wanted to develop a little further than that.

This is the post. It's talking about another image and the witch doctor image. I should hope I needn't explain why both images are pretty racist despite coming from people who supposedly ain't racist.

The board is called "Common Ground Politics"? Riiight. And you wonder why I laugh at those "Coexist" stickers. Forgive me I have to go be cynical, self-fulfilling prophecies etc.

I'm back. Anyway, I have to dissect this several ways, most of which are covered in the thread itself if you read along. But you may not want to read along because your doctor warned you about high blood pressure.

First off, I don't know why you have to be an Obama supporter to point out the extreme racists attacks that have been leveled against him since day one...FROM EITHER SIDE. EITHER. BOTH. SIDES. Yeah I said it. I'm looking at you, Joe "He even speaks English" Biden.

The next is, well, I think I'll forever be amused at Whitey's ability to point out when something is or more often than not, ISN'T racist. So, if calling Obama an ape is racist, why isn't referring to George Bush as a chimp racist tooo...?

*looks through history books, thinks about it, gives up*

But the best part for me is, "Well this attack against Obama isn't racist. You know what's really racist? Calling former president Bush a chimp. WHY AREN'T WE DECRYING THIS?"

Okay. So, basically, anything isn't racist because Blancura always has a weakfu counter example and finally, BECAUSE THEY SAID SO. Right. Man, I wish I had that kind of power. Can you imagine people of color using the one drop or paper bag rules in reverse against white folks? Hilarity would fucking ensue. If you're going to play the "but that's racist toooo" game you're going to have to start playing by the rules you already set (and played unfairly by). Won't it be fun?

Is this really why we can't get along...?

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