July 25, 2009

Complementary reasons why I give up on life: I still hate being gay btw

Funny thing happened on my way to comment on this thread:

Why did someone decide that "queer" was okay. I do not, and will never, think that "queer" is okay to use by anyone. It's as bad as, if not worse than, "nigger".

The funny thing is that if this post is moderated, y'all will chuckle about my discomfort with "queer" but cringe when you read "nigger", and almost not approve this post. When did our own derogatory word become okay?

Well ain't this a bitch. Righteous anger!

I left a wee bit of snark but the post wasn't about how incredibly dimwitted that sounds. So I'll make it about that here.

That sounds incredibly dimwitted.

Oh sure, plenty of people have a problem with using the word "queer" to identify themselves. That's the great thing about labels--can't stand em, you drop em. You don't have to be called queer, you can just be gay or lesbian or same gender loving or Chad.

The problem is, it's not up to you to tell someone what to ID as. I personally identify as queer or lesbian or gay, more often than not just queer or gay. I've had my own issues with using queer but for me it just so happens to fit. I have problems with people ID'ing as fag or dyke but if that's what they want then whatever. You get to decide.

I have issues sometimes with black men (and women) throwing nigga at each other--this is the source of much debate. But at the same time I don't feel like I have to demand each & every black person in America stop using nigga. We've TRIED and it doesn't work.

That's not even my real problem with this comment. YOU CAN GUESS WHAT MY PROBLEM IS.


Lulz, I am soooo done. Queer is not the same thing as nigger. That's a pretty heavy handed thing to say. You can make the argument that they're similar, if you want (they're both insults leveled at certain groups seen as undesirable), but this queer nigger doesn't see them on the same plane and probably won't. I should also add that my favorite part is that this commenter doesn't look in the least bit black.

This is all just personal opinion though, as being a person of color, again I say, negates my existence. Why do I bother? I could just jump off a cliff somedays.

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