June 25, 2009

I suppose I should be glad I'm a unicorn

Dearest whitey,

I exist.


Well, you know I exist. You know I exist when you're ready to blame something on my people--from rape to murder to robbery.

Okay okay, this post and my previous one were just brought on by this comment thread. It just smacks of white G&L tropes, such as "it's not racist, it's just business" and "pfft, gay people of color? I dun see any."

Do you know how tired I am of not existing until your best served convenience? I should kind of be used to it, there's a lot of reasons I'm the rarest of the rare usually among the groups I hang around--hang AROUND, not part of.

Also, I shouldn't let a few comments on the internet bother me, but Xands is a sensitive soul that hates racism and I can't let some things go unchallenged, that and I'm totally just treated like I don't exist in real life any way. I don't know if I really want to exist.

Yeah I just said whitey with no qualifiers, be mad, etc etc.

Edit: Okay, a little more intelligently, I've done a post on CVS locking up condoms in poor black neighborhoods before. Maybe I'll get motivated to find it soon but let me tell you why I'm not that convinced that they're preventing theft in a few short points:

The CVSes in Nashville at least, in the more affluent communities *coughwhite* tend not to do this. They lock up cough syrup most of the time because of our meth epidemic but more often than not, condoms & lube are free to lie about.

In any case, CVS is worried about theft. I can understand why they locked up the cough syrup & other prescription only medicines, makes sense non? So lock up the condoms for the same reason no? But if you're worried about thievery why not just lock everything up behind bulletproof glass? A lot of stores in my neighborhood have taken that policy and it works out for them.

"That's just faulty thinking, you racist racism chaser!" you cry out, and it probably is because I'm still dehydrated, but I really don't think so.

Also, you know, when you lock up condoms you're kind of hurting everyone--straight people, gay people, folks in between, men, women, young & old. So...good job CVS. Also good job G&L community being ignant--oh I'm sorry that was negro language, I mean "ignorant".

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