June 24, 2009

It's never racism...everrr.

Even when it is.

Come with me and take a trip, upon the Racism Chaser Expressss!

I just woke up and I'm already pretty much tired of being black again. I mean, I had a lot of things going on today which has culminated in me going on a hunger strike of sorts so my brain's not too good right now. I will make lots of typos and I'm going to be vague mostly because I don't feel like going into specifics right now, I feel like dying. Or going back to Kroger and spending good money on bleaching products.


I'm just going to need someone to tell me--preferably some privilege blinded volunteer, and if you don't know what that means I'm talking to you, step up--why it's never racism. Why it CAN'T EVERRRR BE RACISM when it involves people of color. Why don't you think it ties back to race in someway?

See, folks of color, unless we're "white presenting" I'd venture to say 85.6% (warning: not a real calculation) we can't escape our skin color. Thanks to living in the WORLD a lot of the shit that happens to us, a lot of the negative shit, can be conveniently tied back to race whether we want to say so or not.


The Good Ol' White Man tells us it's not. The Good Ol' White Man (and sometimes nice white lady) benevolently tears us down and explains that there is some OTHER Mysterious Force holding you down, throwing intersectionality (kinda made that one up on the fly, roll with me) out the window. It's never race AND ____, just ____. Race never factors into it, ever. EVERRR.

Don't worry though, no lightning round. And it's pretty obvious I just woke up and am currently slobbering on my keyboard but so what? If I didn't ask the tough questions I'd just be content to self mutilate all day and that's no good. Any takers?

Note: Most of this post was written in jest, I think.

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