April 15, 2009

Your Transphobia Also Makes Me Sad

Don't make me cry.

Note: I'm awful mad today and, at random, will let off steam and use horrible words.

Alright, while I have a few minutes, let me clear up exactly why your transphobia brings me *SADNESS*

"But I'm not transphobic!" you cry out. Shut up, for right now you are.

So, I told you why your biphobia makes me sad. If you didn't read it or quite get the gist, it's because it's fucking dumb. It's fucking dumbness to deny that a group exists just because you don't think they do (even science isn't on your side, for once). Again, think about who also denies your existence and think on whether you really want to align yourself with the people that hate you.

Transphobia is also fucking dumb but for a few different reasons. It's bad enough having to validate yourself to cisgender "normal" (bleh!) folks but you have to do so to that group that you were supposed to be aligned with at first. Not only that but there are apparently people who will try to deny your womanhood or manhood because you weren't really born a woman or a man what with your vagina and testicles and what not. Never mind reconstructive surgery and how you FEEL and shit, you're not really _______.

See, the closest I get to this is I usually feel like the wrong gender. I don't think I'm a female. I'm not a very good female by most Western standards--I'm not very sensitive, I wear pants and or capris a lot, I don't like cleaning (unless I'm mad), I do like to cook but only for me, and I'm not very maternal. I do however suck at math so that's my only redeeming quality.

The thing is, gender is a social construct and the sooner people realize this the better. But where does that leave SEX, what you are actually born as before society fucks you up?

Well, as it turns out that's not so set in stone either. I'm pretty good with someone who feels that they are truly a female or are a male and want to live that way, reassignment surgery or not. I don't even care if you somehow end up changing your mind. It's not my place to tell you what you are or that you don't exist and your problems have nothing to do with me.

To see the G&L outcast bisexuals and trans people and other groups makes me rather weepy and depressed because it just shows a complete lack of empathy and awareness. They want the same rights you do, probably even more because if I see trans people get utterly shafted in terms of hate crime laws and what not I will punch a chipmunk (they're awful abundant on campus). It isn't right, I will go so far as to say that it's wrong.

Do you recall the Remembering Our Dead project? It's still up and it's not just relegated to one day a year. Remember the burst of trans women being murdered in Memphis? That shit happens a lot and it's fucking sad. Your fear of the unknown is fucking dumb. I'm sorry trans people don't fit your dumb ass gender binary but you should really get over it now.

I think I might have mentioned this a while ago but I wrote a (n unfinished) story involving drag queens and trans people. Just for fun. There was one character who was a trans performer going through a divorce and one person asked me how can he be straight when he's trans. I died a little because I realize that sexuality & gender exists on all planes and just because you're trans or a drag queen doesn't mean you have to automatically like the opposite of your sex *blink*

I know, it's so confusing and so hard. Damn those perverts wanting to wiggle into every aspect of society!

Oh yeah, Adhamh Roland, who is now my man crush, also does a song called Bathrooms, Boxes & Binary that you should seek out. I really appreciated hearing about it after reading this post of utter fucking dumbness. Which just goes to show that anyone can be transphobic at any time for any reason.

Trans people don't make you comfortable, sort of like your former nemesis bisexuals. And again, sort of like bisexuals, I don't think trans people have to make you comfortable or validate themselves to you, sort of like you don't have to validate yourself as society as a straight person, or to straight people and society again as a gay and/or lesbian.


Thank you, I'll be here until the 17th.

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