April 14, 2009

Your Biphobia Makes Me Sad

You wouldn't want to see a little girl cry would you?

Edit: I'm blogging on pure rage, I say "fuck" and other variations a lot.

So, you know, I've engaged in biphobia before. Like my agnostic buddies I've called them flip-floppers. Mixed up individuals. MODERATES (oh noez). Which is strange coming from someone who's more or less bisexual with an affinity more to females. I cut it out eventually when I realized how fucking dumb it was (I used to do a lot of dumb things). That's pretty fucked up, but what's ALSO fucked up is denying that someone exists because you either don't think it can happen or you've never seen it happen.

Let's take it from the top with asexuals. Do you believe asexuality exists in humans? Of course you don't, everyone wants to get laid at some point, never mind the group of people who, calling themselves asexual, sort of disprove this. But you've never seen it in real life, and furthermore, SCIENCE, so it can't and doesn't exist, and FURTHERMORE you don't want those icky creatures tacked on to your "movement".

Let's keep going with...I dunno, polar bears. I've been to my fair share of zoos but damned if I've ever seen a real polar bear up close, despite Youtube and scientific evidence. I've never seen one up close therefore they don't exist.

He who does not feel me is not real to me therefore he doesn't exist

Let's see...what else. Pagans. I've never seen a real pagan that stayed pagan for very long, despite evidence to the contrary so they don't exist.

Okay, bisexuals. What IS it about bisexuality that confuses/disturbs people so badly? So someone's attracted to both sexes. You don't believe them? Guess what, they don't have to prove shit to you for your clarification.

This shit annoys me. It annoys me when straights say bisexuals don't exist, but it annoys me even more when the GL community pulls this shit. You know who else doesn't exist? Gays! We're horrific freaks of nature, fucked up by one or two genes that make us attracted to the same sex. Where are the benefits? We can't conceive babehs or marry each other. Why do we do this?!

...And here we go turning on bisexuals. We don't want those icky people attached to our movement because they're weird and unnatural! We're at war pick a side! /colbert

Reading this thread (and the link therein) a few days ago made me rather sad and really just gave me one more reason to be really annoyed with the GL community. Which is a pity because I used to like it until it started becoming apparent that I wasn't wanted there either.

You're uncomfortable with bisexuals. You don't think they're really real, like the invisible pink unicorn. But! you want equal rights and shit. You know who also wants to deny certain groups equal rights? Your opponents! They want to deny you rights and deny your existence! Do you see how fucking dumb that is? I'm not comfortable with people in jail but I don't think they should live in sub-human conditions, this coming from someone who has had two uncles murdered.

Sure, you've never seen one of those rare elusive bisexuals in real life or you're think they're all just faking. Lulz! Too bad we can't just shut off our sexuality and our personalities like Them O Mighty Privileged. I'd like the G&L community to get their shit together, again, and check back with us aft'while. I'm gonna be busy trying to advocate and shit and not fucking around with who and what I want tacked to "my side" or what I think or don't think exists.

Lulz, these get angrier and angrier.

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