April 16, 2009

Tennessee makes me sadder still

Note: Oh. Hey. Sup? Me? Ehh, fecking pissed still.

Not even a mint chocolate coffee drink could combat my extreme sadness upon reading more fucking dumbness from my state. I mean, TN already makes me incredibly sad as you may know from hearing me talk about it for more than five minutes, and...you know Johnson City is awfully close to like 3 other states I could just run off to.

But things don't change.

Oh, the fucking dumbness from my state:

ACLU wants schools to unblock access to gay Web sites

Knox County's school system is among 107 in Tennessee targeted by the American Civil Liberties Union in a campaign to lift blocks to student access to nonsexual Web sites with information about "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues."

In a letter to officials of the school systems and the Tennessee Schools Cooperative, the ACLU says it will file lawsuits if the school systems do not develop, by April 29, a plan to unblock the "LGBT" filtering category "or any other category that blocks nonsexual Web sites advocating the fair treatment of LGBT people by the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year."

"Students at Knox County and Metro Nashville schools are being denied access to content that is protected speech under the First Amendment as well as the Tennessee state Constitution," said Tricia Herzfeld, staff attorney with the ACLU of Tennessee. "This kind of censorship does nothing but hurt students, whether they're being harassed at school and want to know about their legal rights or are just trying to finish an assignment for a class."

I suppose that falls more under "fucking baffling" than actually fucking dumb. Knox is in east TN in case you were wondering. Like Knoxville get it? Where you hear banjos and shit.

Oh I'm not surprised. I'm more mad at really over zealous school web censoring in general, blocking all sorts of informational sites. By my senior year I could barely use fucking Google in the library. I guess, I was in the library so why don't I look up some books, but I fucking hate high school libraries because they're usually so woefully understocked and disorganized (I fucking worked in ours, I know this shit).

Oh, but I guess that wasn't ignorant enough for you. Never fear, I have more fucking dumbness from my state. If this doesn't have you craving cyanide cookies and bleach tea I don't know what will:

Slavery proposal faces GOP opposition in Tennessee

NASHVILLE - A proposal for the Tennessee General Assembly to express regret for slavery and segregation laws faces a tough hurdle from Republican lawmakers in a House committee today.

Rep. Brenda Gilmore, a Nashville Democrat and main sponsor of the resolution to express "profound regret for the enslavement and racial segregation of African-Americans," ran into hard opposition from several members of the State and Local Government Committee when she spoke before the panel last week.

Republican Rep. Eric Watson, a sheriff's lieutenant in Bradley County, asked Gilmore to expand the resolution to cover all groups that have engaged in enslaving people through history.

"Let's do this for everybody, not just for a certain group of people," he said. "I know you don't want to get accused of profiling, I don't either."

Watson said others were enslaved in the 1800s, too, including Spanish and Chinese people.

Gilmore said she wants to focus on blacks because they were the most predominant group subject to slavery in the South. Six other states - Alabama, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia - have passed similar legislation.

Rep. Eric Swafford, a Pikeville Republican, also took issue with expressing regret specifically toward blacks.

"Once we start talking about an individual group of people, and that we should never forget what they have gone through - I don't think that promotes love and unity," he said. "I think that promotes division."


Actually, fuck the both of you. I personally don't want an apology. You're not really sorry, either party.

Auuuughhh it buuuurrrns~ *sips mocha*

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