April 12, 2009

Listen, Jesus, to the warning I give!

Okay, yeah, so...you know, being godless and everything, I'll be damned if some of my favorite movies aren't religious movies. Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments, King of Kings, the Greatest Story Ever Told, the Last Temptation...well, it's probably just because I like the classics in general--this includes literature--it's not like I'm so repulsed by religion I can't watch a damn movie.

One of my favorite movies to watch around Easter is Jesus Christ Superstar. Let us sing and dance together in fringe.

I don't care who you are or what you are, this movie is just my SHIT. It's got fantastic songs and it's actually a different retelling of the story all together--it actually kind of strays in to the Christian Gnostic tradition a little, the story isn't entirely from Jesus's point of view and Judas is actually made as a sympathetic character. Jesus, likewise, is interesting in that he's more of an angsty figure rather than the strong, brave, wise Jesus you'd expect. He's more human, I think, in that he's not all that accepting of the fact that he has to die for this to work. Will people remember him after his death? Who's to say this will actually work? Why does he have to die anyway?

The other point is, I think, the portrayal of Pontius Pilate, again, sort of like Judas, not really wanting to do anything with this shit. But the mob wants blood and the Galileans want blood and everyone wants blood so what can he do besides say "Auugh damnit".

So naturally since we can't be singing the Bible and shit, this was and is still deemed blasphemous. Well we actually sort of like blasphemy here, so if you've managed not to see this movie or the original play, I'd highly recommend it. Watch it with me, too, I'll sing all the songs to you really loud in your ear. Although, if you're not a fan of musicals you may not be swayed either way.

So here's some of the important songs.

"Heaven on Their Minds"

"Blood Money/Damned for All Time"

Myyy temple should beeee a house of praaayerrrr~


The Trial


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