April 12, 2009

Amazon, get thee to a corner and sitteth down

Well, I actually have no idea what to say on this other than:

1) Eh? Again?
2) Ah, gay hate
3) My closet is still stuck
4) Oh that amazon thing is really stupid

So I'll just direct everyone to these two posts and if you want a summary, well...

Looks like Amazon is stripping sales ranks from GLBT/Qetc books because they're adult in material. You may say, "Oh...so?" Well that means when you search for, say, Heather Has Two Mommies, you'll instead get books on healing your gayness. Not quite what you were looking for is it? See, we're talking ANY gay literature, not just the naughty stuff.

I dunno, I seem to remember similar incidents a year ago in which Amazon actually did censor actual erotic literature, which was also kinda fucking stupid, but I may have either imagined that or they've just fixed it. Anyway, the point is now someone either cried mama or Amazon's lost its collective mind and has decided no one needs to see those dirty gay books, BUT you can still probably get graphically illustrated Kama Sutra translations and stuff~ good logic there.

Edit: Well, Amazon does still seem to have a vendetta against erotic literature, but taking down NON-erotic works of gay literature in the process is just...um...what's the word...not...right? Yeah.

I feel like if I read any more on this I'll just launch a massive trolling campaign for the fuck of it so until I see further breaking news I'm just going to stare.

Edit: If you're that hooked on Amazon and wondering, "Well if I boycott the fuckers how will I finish reading Ranma 1/2?!" or some such, try IndieBound, the link to which I nabbed from Random Babble.

Oh and Powell's. For real, keep the fail coming Amazon. Can't stop won't stop til I get free clothes!

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