April 11, 2009

Light a Candle & Day of Silence

Well I was going to just jump up and surprise you all with the Day of Silence but I will be participating in the DOS on April 17th. What happens will still be a surprise though! No it doesn't involve cake.

Also, there's Light A Candle for Angie Zapata, a transwoman who was murdered in July of last year for, wait for it, being trans. I've expressed interest in getting more involved with trans issues because obviously the silence around this isn't helping AT ALL either. It is a sad world when you can be murdered just for daring to be who you are, whether it's gay, lesbian, trans, or hell just a different color. Them in power seldom care about these bodies but we DO, we MUST.

I'll get into that a little less melodramatically soon, I have to move boxes and take a shower *grimace* but keep these two days in mind and I'll go into them.

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