March 10, 2009

Women in Planetary Science, hooray!

So, you may not be able to tell right off but I lurve astronomy. It's one of the few things, scientifically I can get my head around (besides biology and botany...yes botany), which is just weird considering how damned complex it is. I love astronomy, planetary science,'s been an affair since I was a child and strayed away from paleontology. I still dream of having my own observatory *sniffle*

Sadly, like so many things I love *side eye* astronomy for all outward appearances is still a boy's club. I think it's great that it's shifting from a white boy's club and I'm willing to be you can name 3 or 4 non-white men in the field. And you could probably name some women too with a little thought BUT I still hold that it's a boy's club. Because women just don't get into science like the menfolk. I GUESS.

So I was incredibly happy (I think I squee'd) when, due to the magic of Twitter, I found out about Women in Planetary Science. Oot-oot! Women in science AND it's something near and dear to my heart.

Planetary science, if you're wondering, is...pretty much just that. Studying moons, PLANETS, asteroids, comets...meteors...cosmic dust...if it's not a star and it's not the earth (that'd be *drum roll* geology :D) and it's not trying to attack us with lasers a planetary scientist is probably on it.

and cosmology is the study of the make up of our universe, so there

Wheee! Go women!

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