March 10, 2009

What DOES a lesbian look like?

AKA Cat Cora is a lesbian. She's pregnant. She's pregnant AND a lesbian. And so is her partner.

Special note: My E key is being a petty bastard again, forgive any typos

When mama informed me of this devastating news last night/this morning, I was....


I didn't know Cat was a sister in sappho. Oh well, there you go.

Mother, however, was flabbergasted. Cat Cora, she said, the Iron Chefess (I mad that right up) doesn't look like a lesbian. She just looks...serious.

After extensive rolling of eyes I asked mother, "What DOES a gay person look like?"

She answered quickly with an "I don't know", Cat just doesn't look like one.


Those pesky chameleon gays, infiltrating every walk of life and shit. Soon we won't know who's gay, who's bi, who's really a man or a woman! OH NOES.

Seriously though, why do people still hold these outdated ideals of what a gay person looks like. Sure, some of us do willingly follow the flamboyant limp wrist or ultra butch stereotype just to name a few, and that's fine, but when is it going to sink in that gays ALSO look like Mrs Jones down the street or the dude at Jiffy Lube fixing your car? WHEN, I ask, is it going to get through that gays, lesbians, transpeople, and anyone falling under the queer spectrum, as a whole, just look like regular normal folk?

We are people. We're all unique, we're all individuals (like lil snowflakes!), but we are PEOPLE. That's it. You can work on your gaydars and what not all you want but you need to own up to the fact that gays are human beings and look just like you, mama, daddy, auntie an'nem. That's pretty much it.

So yeah, I guess Cat Cora DOES look like a lesbian. Oh and about her being pregnant, I thought that made news last year anyway. I must be traveling through time and getting timelines mixed up and shit, again. Oops!

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