March 11, 2009

Favorite search terms

I'm clearly supposed to be asleep now, but before I go I'm going to fall in with the search terms meme *sigh* I'm looking at Google's Webmaster's Tools (which is actually pretty handy) and I'm totally baffled at the search terms that apparently bring up my blog.

Note: I will mention, to give you and myself hope, that most of these are from 2 or 3 months ago, on the bright side. Unfortunately, for some unfathomable reason most of these search terms WILL bring up my blog *really sad face* BUT on the other bright side, I'm usually pretty low on the list and these terms don't necessarily represent the TRAFFIC I get from these terms. They're just damn creepy.

So here's a Top 10 that had be absolutely boggled:

10. black boy addictions

I can only guess that this one popped up because I've mentioned the book Black Boy by Richard Wright, and my blog title. None of that excuses...anything.

9. she castrated him

Pretty sure I've actually used that phrase. Still strange. Must investigate further.

8. what is mastur debating

I want to know too, didn't find the answer.

7. wristporn

The great thing is, I've actually used that term, just NOT in the way the persons searching that would expect.

6. "why are women angry"

Dunno that one either.

5. naked black football players showering

I. Have. Never. Used. Any. Of. Those. Words. In. One. Post.

4. infant fuck blog


3. lisp and missing teeth drug addict

See number 5 and add an extra hell no.

2. bdsm nipples nailed

Well. I like BDSM. I like nipples. Now where the nails come in, I'm not so sure about.

And number favorite search term that apparently pulls up my blog, EVER, at this moment:

drum roll please.

*drum roll*

*rim shot solo*

1. "www all" kinds of "incest com"



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