March 8, 2009

Tennessee is on a roll with the stupid , or: A Love Letter

My dearest State,

I hate you. I hate you a lot. A LOT. And when I get my BA I'll be able to officially say I hated you. I cannot wait.

First there were budget cuts in school. Lots of them. Like so many that apparently my school (ETSU if you forgot) can't even print or make copies. This is a bit like my middle school, even being in a relatively upscale part of town, we couldn't write on any of our tests or worksheets because we had to conserve money.

Apparently the Board of Regents wants universities & colleges to act like community colleges and pay for each class, totally forgetting that most of us are full time and living off full aid. Also, most of us go to rather expensive schools. Did I mention the budget cuts? Oh I did? Sorry.

All through elementary & middle school I watched the curriculum eat itself alive. We had to go faster for the fast children but we couldn't slow down for the slower children. The passage of the dreaded No Child Left Behind didn't do anything to solve this, it just meant that the slower children who couldn't keep up with the curriculum got passed anyway, leaving them totally unprepared for the next year and the year after that.

I didn't get proper sex ed until about 10th grade, and it was dreadful, and now I hear you want to remove any mention of homosexuality, because our kids don't need to learn any of that silly diversity shit. And that silly vagina hating bill--what was it, removing all mention of female genitalia from advertising, learning, etc? Fining those who dare mention it? That was so inane it literally blew my mind to pieces.

And lately I hear you've been wanting to wipe out adoption for anyone that isn't married. So only married couples can adopt. No one else.

Ah, my darling motherland, if you were a physical, sentient being I'd tell you to fuck right off and die. I don't need to wake up every morning/afternoon just to hear about more insane bills to be passed and/or voted down. You make me so sad a sad frowny face can't convey my sadness. I'm afraid this just won't work, so as soon as I can, I'm leaving you. Don't cry my dear, just let us part with out tempest.

Your brother in Xenu,


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