March 7, 2009

400 posts, 400 posts!

You're looking at my 400th official post. Yep, this is it. Plain ain't it?

It's rather hot and humid outside, as I realized when I found myself making the longest trek ever to RiteAid, only to be sidetracked by Bojangle's. I don't even like chicken, I just wanted some damn tea.

...I wound up eating chicken because I was hungry like a mofo. Seriously, 20 minutes! I walked for 20 minutes in 70 degree heat. I'd forgotten what 70 degrees (Fahrenheit :D) felt like. How did we go from the lower double digits to this shit?! AUUUGH! The worst thing was ALL I WANTED WAS MILK *frowny face* this is sooo hard.

I figured out how I'm going to get paid for the next three weeks, finally. I'm going to get paid by attending educational events on campus and writing, hold on, reaction papers! Wow, I haven't had to do that...ever. Unless it's here, you know I'm perfectly fine doing that. I will give them a reaction alright. Damn, I wish I'd made it out to that Int'l Women's Day seminar Thursday *sigh*

Speaking of which, Sunday is officially International Women's Day two-thousand-nine and, awfully conveniently, it'll be raining that day *another sigh* so I'll get something together maybe...

Uh, I've been watching the Manchurian Candidate--the '62 version not that...04 version about the same as margarine is related to an elephant--and we simply must do a reviewlette. I'm only 4 decades late, fuck em!

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