March 8, 2009

Yay it's International Women's Day

The day we celebrate all women & women's causes the world over. It's a good day :D

Women of all colors, creeds, shapes 'n sizes and leanings matter don't you know. I think, sadly, this is only the second year I've bothered to even acknowledge this day and Women's History Month in general. It seems that, unlike our favorite month of February, Women's History is just quietly swept under the rug unless you go actively seek it *sigh* Kind of like...women in general! Go figure.

It's not in your face, or at least it doesn't feel like it. I don't think nearly as many folks question the need for a month for women as they do for...anything racial, let's say, which is sad and telling. And like LGBT History, Black History, Latin@ history, other history months, we technically shouldn't even have to have it but again, history is written by the victors, not the losers...or the victims.

Fuck all that I say! I suggest you hit up the official site and when you're done wandering about there and the events section, try this post and this post and ALL of these interviews for even more depth and diversity. Because didn't we agree that ALL women matter?

Have I made you dizzy yet? Good, good.

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