March 27, 2009

Nick Cannon tell you how he feels and I disregard him completely

I know, I know. Who the fuck is some Nick Cannon and why do any of us care.

Don't watch the video, just listen to me. I looked at it for you and took notes, it's just there for reference.

The good about his little rant there is, indeed, the Internet does make folks bold and with anonymity gives us the "freedom" to say shit we want where we want with little to no regard to the fact that there is also ANOTHER real person behind that OTHER computer screen that has to put up with your foolishness. You'll see it all the time. I still hold that half the stupid shit I've had said to me over the Internet the same people wouldn't say to me to my face. I wouldn't. I mean, I do actually threaten to cut people in their faces and what not but still.

It's one thing to disagree with someone's opinion or not even like that person, but it's a totally different thing to go all up in their space acting extremely disrespectful. I and I know many people that blog and run websites take that as someone walking into their house and chainsawing furniture, as in, NOT FUCKING COOL. Sure Nick, I'm with that.

Now...if someone thinks they really have something to say to me I'll gladly let them do so in comments or an email, my facebook, my twitter, whatever. ON THE INTERNET. Where Nick gets a little disingenous is giving folks his phone number and home address.

Bring em out bring em out!

Uhhh. I can understand going all hard on folks too but to give a troll comment that much of your life is kind of what they want: attention. Thereby you defeat the purpose (or validate it which ever).

Also I'm mad at him calling himself a "real nigga" and belittling the angry black man stereotype. It'd be funny if that didn't exist and if folks weren't genuinely frightened and intimidated by the so-called angry black man. Now you're just imitating troll behavior and making the rest of us respectable negros (or should I say Real Niggas (TM)) look bad.

All this to say, welcome to the damn Internet! I tried living in the real world, instead of a shell, but before I began--I was bored before I even began!

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