March 26, 2009

My major's not getting me laid any time soon

Although, it seems I stand a better chance than biologists, ironically enough.

Check this out from Sociological Images.

Link or click image for full size chart.

Well isn't that fascinating...for that particular college. You'd think undeclared'ers would be out getting laid more since they're undeclared1 but I guess no one loves a flip-flopper. Other than that it looks...horribly cliche and stereotypical. Free spirited art types are having plenty while the poor geeks are at the ends of the earth. It also leaves a bunch of questions like why would French majors get laid less or why art types would get laid more. Attitudes? Is one major more liberal than the other? More work and less free time? Wouldn't having a jobby-job and shit factor into how much you bite the headboard?

Ehhh. Like I said, interesting for that particular school. Just thought it'd be fun to show since I'm having a post-drain.

Note1: I keed I keed.

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