March 27, 2009

Random heads up

It's that time again where I fuck u--I mean, it's that time again where I finally get bored with my old layout and make a new one. Remember when this was like, monthly?

Just a note that things might run slow or look funny for a while, but bloggity-blogging will continue as usual.

And now a word from the author

While I was gussying up this joint I ended up having to use some browser-specific formatting/coding/whatever.

If you're on Firefox/Mozilla, Opera, or Safari you should see double rounded corners on posts, the side bar, the header, and everything should be some varying shade of green or white until I finish redoing the text colors.

If you're on Internet Explorer 7 you're probably wondering what the fuck is some rounded corners because you're just seeing good ol' squares. If you're on anything else that's not IE 7 or the three browsers I listed above then I have no clue what you're seeing.

It's not a big deal and I doubt it'll ruin the experience much, just saying in case you were wondering just what I was giving myself drama for. I thought it was kinda funny.

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