March 11, 2009

More LGBT Cinema, I needs it

I do. Last night (or I THINK it was nighttime) while reading this movie review and this interesting post, I realized that it's been a while since I've delved into the world of gay cinema. Not movies that just so happen to have gay folks in it, but movies actually centering around LGBT (and sometimes Q), FUBU1 movies.

The last movie that I can actually recall that would fall into that vein, I'm pretty sure it was either the Celluloid Closet (which you should all watch) or Edward II by Derk Jarman. That movie actually just frightened me, which is strange because I'm perfectly okay watching Caravaggio, which should actually scare me more. Why did it scare me? I...I don't want to go there right now *sniffle*

Anyway, I have seen plenty of movies that fall into "well there's gays IN it" category and TV that does the same. But I've been kind of miffed at LGBT cinema for reasons I can't quite describe. I thought maybe it's because there's a, uh, lack of gay movies that cater to my unique experience. That's true but by damn there's a LOT of movies that don't cater to anything remotely resembling my experience, and clearly the only way for me to remedy that is make my own damn movie.

But that's not really it. I actually hate things that relate to myself, like movies and books. They just annoy me for that simple fact. So why am I miffed. It's strange. Is it because I'm not watching the right movies? Has my love for trashy movies spoiled/numbed me? It seems that at least for a while the movies I was watching catered so heavily to a single demographic (paging all white gay men and hetero women) that I just got tired. They weren't catering to my experiences but they weren't to anyone else's either. Bleh!

So I guess in the end it is just lack of diversity, or my inability to find any. With subject matter, actors, techniques, just boo. Boo on all of it!

Fortunately for my sanity, I heard about this movie called Little Ashes, which is the tragic story of the brief affair between surrealist and all around lovable kook Salvador Dali and his colleague Federico Garcia Lorca. Fascinating! That's a story you never hear, like, ever, unless you're addicted to Wikipedia like I am and/or study this shit. Will that cure my apathy for LGBT cinema, probably not in one fell swoop, but shit, I'm buying 10 DVDs to show me support.

Note1: For us by us. Yes that's what the clothing line meant.

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