March 13, 2009

Too random for twitter

-I need to do something about the edges of my hair. And my chops. I'm starting to look like the singer from Mungo Jerry.

Anyway, I guess because Spring is coming (I guess spring is coming?!) my hair is starting to be...drier especially around the edges and it's just making me mad all around.

-Danz went hardcore on me and got a tattoo in Russian (pravda or "truth") down in At-lanna. I think I actually mentioned this passive aggressively. I think he's looking for valediction because I never specified whether I liked the tat or not. It must be driving him nuts.

My opinion is I want to know why getting a tattoo is some sort of rite *blink* I swear everyone I know as soon as they hit 18 went off and got a tattoo (except me of course so now I'm the unique one). The mystique is just GONE now. Like so many things in life I do not care.

-I wish it wouldn't be 70 one day and 50 the next

-I really need to go get some food. Bojangle's is about to become my best friend I think.

-I have an overdue library book. One day! I need to turn it in...but I need it...and it'll be raining tomorrow! *sniffle* what do I do...

-I think I actually have TWO over due books. Um, shit, I hope they just take that off my ID/debit card and not my main account.

-This week went better than I thought. I only caught severe cabin fever once, but I settled for wandering around the 3rd floor rather than stalking the campus grounds. Mission accomplished.

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