March 14, 2009

Different is Bad

I did this post talking about Cat Cora and made another, shorter jokey (I assume they know I'm joking) post on Facebook demanding my friends (that pay attention) explain, in baby words, to me, what a gay person looks like.

We've already seen why that's so hard because GAY FOLKS LOOK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

But a comment popped up that I just need to accept that everything different isn't bad. I was going to continue the joke about different, in fact, being very bad as history has shown us, but I'm sleepy so I let it die.

But let's just be clear in a semi-serious manner that, being different is bad. It's very bad. Being different gets folks killed. If you don't meet the default you're pretty much fucked all your life regardless of those who love you, your success in life, how you love yourself. The world doesn't want you to exist, the problem is you do so it's sort of obliged to just let you...but not without grief.

This piece of misandry brought to you by the fact that I think I hate white balsamic vinaigrette X(

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