February 18, 2009

Meet the new jihad, same as the old jihad?

Oh yeeeah, let's start a jihad on Gazaaaa.

Clerics urge new jihad over Gaza

At a weekend meeting in Istanbul, 200 religious scholars and clerics met with senior Hamas officials to plot a new jihad centred on Gaza.

In a hall crowded with conservative Sunni Muslim sheikhs and scholars, in a hotel close to Istanbul's Ataturk Airport speaker after speaker called for jihad against Israel in support of Hamas.

The choice of Turkey was significant. Arab hardliners were keen to put aside historic differences with the Turks.

As one organiser put it: "During the past 100 years relations have been strained but Palestine has brought us together."

Many delegates spoke appreciatively of the protest by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who stormed out of a Davos debate on Gaza two weeks ago.

Well, believe it or not I do try to keep up with the news of the Gaza/Palestine [Ed: Obviously I don't keep up with it enough to know that it's actually ISRAEL and the Gaza Strip] conflict, but frankly I'm confused. I understand what a jihad is, but what I'm not understanding is...how this will help anyone involved. Well, except for that whole bringing factions together. I'm more than tempted to just say "oh well" but we must see how this pans out.

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