January 11, 2009

What we've learned this week

Well, this is it. The countdown until I start classes again (yaay). After that we begin the countdown until I stop classes again (yaaay).

I've also learned plenty this week. This has been probably one of the most productive weeks of my life. I mean that with all due sarcasm. I wanted to make a separate post for each but I'm not in the mood...so...you get sub-headings!

I. Silly Girl, Guys Are For Fucking!

You know, I've always had a fair ratio of guy to girl friends. A lot of times it seems I have more girl friends than guys, but that's okay.

To the point, I learned that I can't have a guy friend without there being something sexual about it. As in, I have to want to fuck that guy. I learned this while in Wal-Mart, of all places, with my mother. She has it in her head that for some reason I'm going to end up marrying Danz *blink* despite me telling her at least a thousand times I'm not interested and never have been. And he's quite involved with someone else, that doesn't seem to matter to her either.

On on hand, she could have just been playing with me. On the other hand, why she keeps bringing this up I don't know.

Unfortunately, my guy friends and girl friends share this same mentality that in order to be friends with the opposite sex you must want to fuck them. And that's a fine mentality to have when you're in elementary school and don't know any better, but I figure being in the All Growed Up world would diminish that...attitude...oh, I know, I doth protest too much. Which leads us to our next important fact.

II. I Have No Boundaries

Nope, no I don't. I'm game for everything and when I try to protest it's always "Oh you spoilsport!" or "Whyyyyy?!"

I don't like to talk about certain things. I do actually have a few boundaries in place and sorry if I don't feel like "talking them over" or "respecting privacy" and shit. People kill me with that. I could list my boundaries but what would that help? People like to cross my lines.

Mom does this an awful lot...I suppose it's just part of being a mother that she has to continually bring up things I've already expressed an severe disinterest in not talking about? I give up.

III. I'm Insensitive.

I suppose this goes with boundary pushing, it's just that when my metaphorical buttons are pushed enough I go into "shut down mode" and I just cease to care about everyone around me.

IV. Everything that's wrong with me leads up to my need for dick.

You know what, someone's got one more time to tell me that I'll be "fixed" if I just get laid. Because dick is the solution to all my problems. I'm bout ready to just come out as gay and Mormon to my family.

V. The actual problem is that I'm PMSy and need meds.

It's true, I get me some wicked PMS. I get wildly depressed, crampy, irritated easier. And that's my problem year round for some reason. So I need to take something for it, if I can't get dick any time soon.

And that's almost one item of knowledge for every day of the week...well, unless you don't count the weekend, then it IS an item for each day. Hooray! I hope you've all learned something great and totally non-cynical about yourselves this week too.

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