January 10, 2009

Tell em how you feel!

Okay, Danz finally got his first serious entry down and he lets the world know how he feels about the infamous Bill Ayers speaking at his school.
Or more specifically, how he feels about how OTHER people feel about Bill Ayers speaking at his school.

Yes, THAT Ayers. And my two cents... well. You know, of course, the boy is my buddy and I must support his burgeoning blog every chance I get, but also he does make a fine point about how hysterical people get when things don't go "according to plan" (YES I did just wiggle in a Dark Knight quote). Remember all the shit Obama got for supposedly being "neighbors" with Mr Ayers? And people pitched a bitch? Despite both saying they didn't know each other, folks got all tore up about The Black Messiah of the New Left possibly associating with yet more terrorists.

It's not that Ayers is a great guy and everything, and sure he & the Weathermen did some bad things (that is an understatement, I know). And I have to admit that asking Ayers to speak on educational reform is an odd choice, but you know, let the man speak. Treat him as you would any public speaker, which with all etiquette, I think would be neutrally. No need to go off emailing Michelle Malkin *blink* for real? I know I for one am slightly jealous that so far all we've had is Saul Williams reciting poetry, bad ass as that was. Actually, Ayers wouldn't make it off the bus in TN.

So sigh. Anyway, just throwing that out there...blog bouncing! I'm also pissed that I was interrupted from my viewing of No Country For Old Men so my dad can watch the Baltimore & Tennessee game ~_~ goddamn, you know TN is going to get owned...


  1. The movie is awesome. Find other methods of finishing it, I suggest.

  2. Yea, that whole Ayers thing... it boils down to people will look for anything to judge us on. If folks are going to look at my stuff... they could/ and do just pick me apaprt.


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