January 8, 2009

What happens when your friends join Blogger

AKA Stop jacking my goddamn swagger, once and for all!

Anyway, look out, my best buddy in the whole wide world (I guess), Danz the Magnificent, whom I've unfortunately had to talk shit about in the past in this piece, has decided to have himself a blog, entitled Give Him A Mask.

Since he's having issues writing, I'll write. Danz is a very perceptive young man, if you like me you'll probably hate him to death.

I don't know what he plans on going on about, but I do know I really hate him for that awesome title, from an Oscar Wilde quote. He thinks better than I do.

I've known this young man for...let's see...5 years I guess, give or take. I know him from high school and we've been like that ever since I guess. Even though he's now in Flo-ri-da *canned "Awwww"* It might be for the best, the two of us have proven not to be able to be in the...same room.

I don't think we even liked each other much at first, it's strange that a few of the good friends I have now I originally hated to death. I suppose, the line between love and hate truly is thin.

Hope he does have much fun blogging even if it entertains me only, don't be giving him any strange links or anything, I don't think he--well apparently he lurks so he MAY know. Oh well, that's what happens when you try to be anonymous on the internet. This happens.


  1. that's how it all starts. speaking of anonymous folks, there's this one guy that's been gettin under my skin. anyway, i guess you have to deal with them until they get their own blogs so you can bash them too. i'm sure this was a different anonymous.

  2. TMM, I've seen the Anonymous Dumbass you have stalking you now...either he has a very big crush or he's very bored.


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