December 11, 2008

"You're an intelligent person, but...."

What I want someone to explain to me, before the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Michael Hutchence's ghost (I'm listening to INXS), is why there's always a catch to being smart.

I hate that patronizing, "Well you're clearly a smart person but..." Why is there always a damn "but"? Thank you for complimenting me--oh, you think I should shut up and mind my own business. Well. Um. Great silencing tactics there, you cumwipe.

I apologize for that insult, I just want to keep the children reading.

Um, but anyway, I really am tired of that backhanded insult. Is it me or is it usually directed towards women, by other women and by men? You're a nice little girl but I really think you should go play with your dolls. DAMN that shit irks me. It's worse that "well she's pretty but..." Damn your soul, why is there a catch to everything?!

I get this, usually when I speak out on a topic that's important to me, like say...I dunno, race and the public school system. I'll go on a semi-coherent rant and then I'll get someone that disagrees with me or attempts to do so politely. They'll start out agreeing with certain points and telling you nice things and by about the second paragraph you say to yourself, "Uh-oh, this isn't good..."

Then, "In conclusion, you're obviously an intelligent person but I think you need to talk about something else."

No. Thanks! I think you need to stop being a phony bastard and if you got something to say to me, say it! Shit like that will get you cussed out. If you disagree with me that's fine, but don't go out of your way to act like a little concern troll because I will either proceed to embarrass you with the patented "This fool said what?" stare or...probably verbally abuse you and laugh because I was a domme in another life.

I mentioned that I usually see this little backhanded punk swipe directed at women. Not always but that's what I've observed, personally, and I have to wonder why. I mean, I could make all kinds of sense out of it if it were just men like "Oh why DON'T you be a good little girl?!" but when I see other women pulling this little move it perplexes the hell out of me. Not that all women are buddy-buddy with each other or anything, and certainly not all of us have some damn sense, but female-female attacks--especially "Oh you're a nice girl but really..." and some such--are just a strange breed of hate and I frankly don't get it. I guess because, to me, it sounds like such a "man" thing that when I see ladies doing it I'm like "Huh? Are you a sock puppet? Are you masquerading? Game is see through."

So...yeah, to conclude this little venting session, I really hate being intelligent with a catch. I'm tired of being smart, "but-but-but". That's not flattering and it doesn't help me like you anymore. If you say, "Well that's not what I was worried about" then fine! Me neither! Do not do this shit to me, I'm not afraid to e-cut you. Thank you.

...The End. You think I should get breakfast? It's kinda rainy.


  1. heyy elizabeth your smart but ... lolzz just kiddin.
    ouch i would be so mad if someone told me that..

  2. but seriouslyy your are smart!!!!!!!

  3. Yay, Heba found my blog! I need to advertise more, my friends don't know my hidden genius!


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