December 11, 2008

Pepys has a blog

Yeah I just basically woke up bout...half an hour ago actually kinda need to pack my stuff to go home.

If you want something fun AND educational, you probably haven't noticed but a few days ago I added Samuel. Damn. Pepys to my blog roll.

Pepys, among other things, is famous for his private diary which, according to the most academic accounts, took approximately "for-freaking-ever" to decipher and publish after he passed.'s not so private anymore. You may think, "Why in the hell would I want to read some really really dead dude's blog--I mean diary?"

Well! There's actually some interesting first hand accounts in there such as the Great Fire of London, the Great Plague of London (it was like the baby version of the Black Death), the Second Dutch War, and some good insight into the life of a 17th century famous person (he was well-known before the diary).

Oh and, you'll probably have to read excerpts of it eventually if you haven't already. Get cracking!

I thought the daily entries were just a fun idea since my English teacher had mentioned there are websites that do this last year. And I so happened to find one. I wonder who else has a blog now? I'm an english nerd :B

Okay, more substantial things to talk about later on in the about 11 hours I'll actually be on the road...

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