December 27, 2008

Oh damn this year, by the way

I'm also going to do my RIP Shout to miss Eartha Kitt who passed earlier this week. And a really belated one to Miss Bettie Page, possibly the best thing Nashville has ever given the world. Man, I still remember the article the Tennessean did on her about spring of last year, I was like "Well finally there's some claimage."

Miss Kitt's death was such a surprise--I hadn't even known she was ill with cancer! You know, I usually don't get too tore up over celebrity deaths and I don't think a lot of people do, but I have to admit these two got to me because I admired them so much. And also Majel Barrett-Roddenberry! Man, these end of the year passings are so depressing, amidst all the joy of festive celebrations. They will be missed :/


  1. I'll always miss Eartha. She was a class act, all the way.

  2. it is depressing :( oh well, life i guess


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