December 27, 2008

All I'm missing is a lawsuit

First off, I hope everyone had/is still having a holly jolly holiday. I hope you all ate lots of ham. Or if you don't eat ham then I hope you ate lots of ice cream and cake and cookies and candy canes. I also hope that root canal doesn't hurt too much *dentist drill buzzes*

Ooohhhh~ *faint*

*gets back up* Well now that that's all over, I've unfortunately entered the dramatastical Post Holiday...grey area thing. There's some drama to be expected during the holidays, unfortunately: family members you've been trying not to see for years and more years, money issues, this damn recession, Mr Jones and his damn lights, them hoodlums down the lane looking at your Christmas tree.

I've had computer problems as I've already mentioned, but I didn't mention that I got to have MORE.

From an FB note entitled, appropriately, "Computer Blue":

...My issues, fortunately, are more material: our computer struck again.

As I mentioned, we got a new tower. Now the monitor has decided it wants an upgrade as well the only way it knows how: by DYING.

So I'm watching clips of Christian Bale in American Psycho (OH MY GOD, it even has a watermark) and lol'ing at perceived irony, when my screen decides to compress itself into an hourglass shape. I blink, clear out, shut everything down and try this shit again. And again. And again. Then our faithful Dell performed a mercy sepukku and blinked out altogether.

So...we'll be needing a new one of those soon.

I'll have you all know we now have a flat screen LCD 15.8 inch Acer screen. It's small and mighty! Did I mention the resolution is ridiculous? *snaps goggles on face, blinding light envelopes room*

*five hours later light dies down, is covered in soot for some reason*

...Ah, but my issues had only just begun.

About during that little crisis, my bestest best friend in the world (his official title) had a decidedly un-awesome break up with his girlfriend of about 2 years. I can't even go in to the details, not because I care about either of their anonymity (what? What? I'm still doing the right thing aren't I?!) but because I really have NO DAMN IDEA what the hell happened. And I'm not really prone to gossip unless it involves me. And since I'm even bothering to mention this, it, uh, has started to involve me. Hold on, put your goggles back on! This is funny as I don't know WHAT.

This is slowly turning into one of those nasty MySpace break ups that I've only ever read about. For one thing, my buddy is...well, my buddy. He's my bro. Naturally I'd want to be on his side, not to mention I only have his side of the events anyway. But I trust him....also, I don't actually hate his ex-girlfriend nor do I want to just because she broke up with him. And she knows we're like Batman and Robin by the way.

Which, I guess would make sense of why suddenly she's trying to "friend" me on Facebook. Umm. Yeah, that would look extremely awkward right about now *blink* why does this shit happen to me. Meanwhile my Buddy is doing his best imitation of Bella from Twilight after Edward drops her ass, or: he's completely comatose as far as I can tell from his latest texts.

Alright, you know what? I'm getting as FAR away from this as I possibly can then I'm putting some additional feet in between. I do NOT do internet drama, I do NOT do real-life-trying-to-become-internet drama. I've had my share of each thanks a lot. My soul is that of a Beach Boy-loving Surfer Dude and we both declare this bogus and gnarly and give a sound "Noooo way dude!" As much as I love my friend and want to support him, I am prone to headaches and there is no aspirin in the cabinet if you get my drift.

I'm serious, we're out of aspirin and I am prone to headaches for various reasons. I wonder if those two are related? friends break up with their significant others all the time *temple rub* but it's never been quite this personal before...angels & ministers of grace, defend us.

Ah, but it's not all drama and bad tidings. My Christmas Dec 24-25 was totally pimp and made of fun and awesome! I even saw my father and only had to cuss him out the day AFTER Christmas! Things sure are looking up right into the new year, a first! ...I really mean it, a FIRST! Now I just have to repot & resoil my plants and water them all and all will be good in my hood! I'm so calm :D

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