December 27, 2008

Holiday Diversity, or: LOL.

Well, my screen is still blinding me but good news! There is no mass conspiracy against me and now my Buddy has made peace with his woman, again most MySpace dramedy style. I fucking guess. I do love it when drama wraps up nicely though. I'm officially free everyone!

Oh well, on to more important things. You all know how I feel about teh holidays, but you know what bugged me this year? The extreme lack of diversity in celebration. It seems moreso than every this year was strangely all about Christmas. Remember when people were getting in a tizzy about "happy holidays"? Well no more of that, cultural insensitivity is so IN right now! AHAHAHA.

Anyway, I first noticed it on campus many moons ago actually. Christmas trees and snow men and shit everywhere. No one bothered to wish me season's greetings or happy holiday, and I was tempted just to start telling folks I was Muslim just to watch their faces break up. But up at ETSU I just put it off to the fact that...well, it's ETSU.

Then, you know, I got home and it started occurring to me...the only place I was seeing holiday diversity was children's shows. It seems that only as children can you learn about Hanukkah & Kwanza and other holidays, but other than that it seems that no one even bothered to TRY this year. I mean in previous years past at least there were some attempts to acknowledge Those Other Events That Aren't Christmas but this year I scarcely saw any. Yes, Christmas is a major event and it makes sense to pander to that, I get that. And I'm not actually offended, but I just thought it was so...strange.

Then there were the movements about "keeping the 'christ' in Christmas" and the so-called War On Christmas 08. It finally occurred to me that I'm extremely lost because I have no idea who is trying to take the Christ out of Christmas (let's talk about the "mass" part and the fact that Christmas is based on a lie anyway and tra-lala~) and I'm not sure which insurgents have declared war on Christmas THIS year.

Man, it's been...odd. I can't decide if it's because I've been paying MORE attention this year or if things have just gotten...worse. When I saw people wishing Muslims merry Christmas I wanted to cringe and pop some faces. Who knows, maybe it's both. But it bugs me a little lot. Anyone else notice this little, uh, trend?

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