December 29, 2008

Let's make English our official language!

Oh bother.

So, we're not exactly the only state to try doing this (not even close) but I live in TN so I talk about it. Since a few years ago (about 2002), some folks I'll call Big Wigs In Charge have been desperately... DESPERATELY trying to make English the official language of Tennessee. No more bilingual signs, instructions or any of that convenient shit, if you don't speak English here you are screwed.

I don't really know why we're still trying to do this (I know one reason actually involves money, go figure), I don't care. I just know that this is really, really stupid.

You can say that yes, the whole of America speaks English. American English as to be correct, and since the majority of us allegedly speak this language, then the official language should be English. To this I say, eh, whatever.

I just find it really silly. It isn't fair to non-native English speakers who still may not have a grasp on the language, and it's just...damn silly considering the mix of people we have in this state. Latinos, Somalians, Kurds (dude we have a Kurdish gang), we're a little mini-mixing pot and here we are trying to alienate these groups because of something so...trivial.

Jeez, I'm sorry people may speak a different language than you *blink* I mean, are you going to provide free services to give these people a better grasp on our precious language so that they may read our English road signs with pictures on them? Booo, TN.

I don't see the need for an official language in a state. The best part about this story is that the reason they can never get this silly...thing of theirs passed is because far too many people agree that "Why the fuck do we need an official language?" and yet they keep trying. I admire their diligence. If only we could put such effort into, I dunno, education.


  1. A Kurdish gang? In TN? wow. The only thing is, I think it is important we all grasp English because if there is a fire or an emergency we want the people to understand what is going on. It could be life or death if there are language barriers.

  2. I know, they don't fuck around either our Kurds. They're like our version of the damn mafia believe it or not. It's really, uh, interesting.

    And yeah, I understand the problems of having a language barrier. I do think everyone should have a fair grasp of English being in an English-speaking country anyway (if not officially). But trying to make English a state's official language just to save a few dollars on printing bilingual signs (that really is one of the reasons, not the main one but yeah) just bugs me, on top of all the other ways TN decides to subtly discriminate. I think if we're worried about a language barrier we should try having more resources available to people who come here and don't speak English or don't speak it well.


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