December 29, 2008

It's always a joke with you isn't it?

So, I was over my brother's house Saturday when we started talking about this "Barack the Magic Negro" joint. I'm just going to assume for a minute that we've all heard of this nonsense and were all at least equally outraged, just because I don't think any of it deserves linking to. Unless you want to hear about how it's polarizing the Republican party, as if they needed to be divided anymore I say!

I really want to point on in this post that A) the race thing has gotten old and B) the "just a joke" thing has gotten waaay old.

First, the race thing. Yes Barack is black (or half-black at least) and he's the president. Alright, we get it. The race thing got old about a month ago. I really don't know what's left to prove by bagging on Barack's blackness. Apparently a majority of the country didn't give a damn, or put aside whatever they have to vote him in office, so whoever these petty, insecure fools are that think this shit is still funny need to get a grip on themselves. A FIRM, TIGHT GRIP.

Second, the whole "aww it was a joke!" How many times have you been told to laugh at something ignorant involving, oh, race or sexism because it's a joke? Why should I laugh at your foolishness? It's not that I can't take a joke, it's because you are neither funny nor clever nor cute and if all you can whip out is offensive race jokes...and you get upset because I'm not giggling along with your idiocy, well we have a problem.

I know I'm tired of being told I can't take a black joke, or a rape joke, or a "women do this because they're women!" joke. Whatever is what I say. I'm also rather tired of the "it was a joke" excuse period when Such and Such knows they've fucked up. Just admit you did something stupid and ignorant and move on if you can't apologize, don't try to act like the world at large are the ones to blame because we chose to send you spiteful side eyes and strange looks.

Bluuugh. You'd think people didn't have other things to do, I fucking swear.

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