December 1, 2008

Batman: The Brave & The Bold

Last comic-bookish post, another one of those "WTF?" moments again :D

I've been a mini-Bat fanatic since the damn animated series of the 90s, and I do indeed still ask people if they've ever dancedwiththedevilinthepalemoonliiiiight~

So there's this new cartoon called Batman: The Brave & The Bold based off a comic book series of the same name, so I hear. It seems with the comic book it's just Batman sticking with Superman but for the cartoon series he gets a Partner of the Day motif, that is he teams up with a different partner every episode.

This new little show has been the talk for of the comic-sphere/Bat-obsessed circles for a while: a few love it, a few don't, a few took a walk on it. Personally I figured it'd suck for several reasons: for one thing, check out Batman's design. Yeah, that's not the Dark Knight, that's the campy Adam West-esque costume! Gasp!

Also, laughing/smiling/joking Batman?! Not on my watch you curs! And don't you know Batman works ALONE (or with Robin...or Batgirl...or Nightwing...or the JLA--okay no he doesn't all the time)? How dare you inject humor in my Batmans!

I wish I was being sarcastic but I'm that much of a snob. Through random circumstances I ended up watching my first episode, the second episode to premier (I saw it on Youtube in dubious quality) called Terror on Dinosaur Island!. In this ep he partnered up with the incredibly awesome and incredibly under-used Plastic Man.

Okay, if you're like me and you're childhood was awesome, you may say "Wow that title sounds vaguely Jonny Quest-ish". And it does. Jazzy music theme, outlandish plots and gorillas riding on pterodactyls? Frankly, the whole series is like Johnny Quest plus Batman plus comic geekery--and you know what? It was funny as hell and I loved it. Please give me more wise-cracking Batman and Booster Gold sir and/or madam!

I'm still out on the animation of the show but you know what, it works for the kids. It's a notch above The Batman, which I could not get into at all. This series chooses more "obscure" partners for Batman to team up with rather than living deus ex machinae like, oh, Superman. In all I think it's really cute and the fools behind it better not disappoint me, or I'll stop watching and shit.

And on that note, it's one AM and December 1st! Do YOU know what today is? I'll tell you...*whisper*

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