December 1, 2008

World AIDS day!

*whisper whisper* today.

Yup, I told you I'd tell you.

Today is World AIDS day! Don't think I'm exactly jovial about that or anything. As you know, AIDS/HIV are quite the serious diseases and I still say not quite enough conversation is going on about either disease.

I'm going to do a little copy/paste from Queers United because Xands isn't so eloquent right now...

"World Aids Day is observed every December 1st. The AIDS epidemic has killed more than 25 million people around the world, including many dear and beloved members of our queer community. In addition an estimated 33 million people are living and suffering with HIV worldwide. Many lives have been claimed, many have been affected, and many people remain in the dark and do not know their status."

Ugh, how true is that. I hate the fact that there's still this stigma around AIDS/HIV and it makes people afraid to go get tested. To me I figure by now everyone knows how the virus could be transmitted and would do more to protect themselves... *shrug* that's clearly not the case though.

I remember hearing some scary stats on the radio once how African-American females are the group most effected by the HIV virus and I just wonder how that can be? Is it simply just lack of dialogue going on?

Anyway, I'm also going to link AVERT for your information and mine. I wish I had some red yarn for a makeshift ribbon...

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