November 30, 2008

Get it away!

I got a new fridge for our room. I must say it's quite superior to the old tiny one we had that wouldn't fit a gallon o' Kool Aid. I mean damn, 4.4 cubic feet! What constitutes as a "mini fridge" these days anyway?! Bless you, Home Depot, bless you.

And most of all it's...MINE! *carries it around on back*

Um, anyway, you can just file this post under "What the fuck is Xands going on about?" Frankly I'm rather bored. You ever do something then...finish it, and it was really hard, then realize you rushed that only to have nothing else to do? *blink* Yeah...

I'll tell you what, I've been kinda wanting to watercolor lately. When I was a lil artiste I really hated watercolor because it was too loose. Then, mysteriously, I learned to control it better. It's still not my favoritest medium but it's kind of convenient, actually, you'd be amazed what you can do with a Prang set, little table salt, and some Dasani. Since I'm officially making bank right now I'd kinda like to replenish my current Prang set, it's abooout...dead.

Anyway, I suppose the habit came back from my viewing of comic book work lately. I have no idea what set that off though, but I ended up looking at some of the glorious work of Alex Ross.

You know, it took me forever to realize that most of his comic book covers actually are in watercolor. It's enough to make you want to give up the game! I've always loved the almost hyper realism of his work; I'm prone to more simplistic, cartoony designs myself, for some reason realism never interested me much...I still strive at it though, some semblance of it.

Ross does more than comic book work, by the way, you should see some of his political works if you haven't! You probably have and just didn't realize it was the same guy :P

Let's do one more comic book post then call it a day...

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