November 29, 2008

Dear Women: You're nothing but cocksuckers

We have this family friend, W. He thinks he's hot shit most of the time because he was in the military, went to Iraq, blah blah blah. He can be a really nice guy but a lot of times he can be horribly misogynist and racist.

Take for instance his insistence that the only way women in the military can get by is through cocksucking and other such sexual favors. When I heard this I asked if he felt that the female four star general and he said she probably did the same thing. Okay, so if that's the case why are there more four star female generals? He stood by his opinion despite my attempts to get him to figure out that what he was saying was dead ass wrong.

So all young women who manage to get high positions are cocksuckers. You know, because women can't get by on our own merits or anything. That merely made me roll my eyes because I found it ludicrous: why do all women have to demote themselves to sexual acts to get by in anything, and why the fuck do people still think like that?! Hasn't been proven several times that women can get by perfectly fine without having to strip or fuck their way up?

And honestly, I don't know how that woman sucked herself to FOUR STAR GENERAL like it's just a candy prize to be thrown out. No, that chick did something great to make a first like that, I don't care what anyone says and I'm sure she doesn't either. I wish I just had her name on my mind right now.

In any case, W also contributes interestingly to race interestingly I mean "puzzled". I don't think he's racist just confused. Like saying that all black men are egotistical and think all women want to fuck them. He told me this laughingly but I usually feel horribly uncomfortable by his broad, broad generalizations. All black men are egotistical and get lots of pussy is like saying that all black women are whores with 10 kids and 8 baby daddies each *blink* I don't get it. I'm sure he does know some very jerkish black men but come on.

I hate starting small conversation with him and I hate being left alone with him for too long. Like I said, he's a nice guy just...ugh. I don't even like trying to discuss shit with him anymore because something tells me he just won't get it. He's gone through a horrible divorce and he knows all the wrong black people it seems *shrug* what can I do?


  1. Well, what's that quote about arguing with a fool?...something about people passing by won't be able to tell which one the fool is....LOL

  2. Bahahaha! I suppose that's the truth. I'm trying to get out of that whole "everyone's a fool ergo I should never discuss!" mold I've backed myself into recently, but mama always said I was never good with stupid people *cough* no really she did.


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