November 26, 2008

Xands takes on White Privilege and fails

Eh, in my journal there was a brief conversation on White Privilege. Very brief because it quickly turned into a hot mess as any interesting topic on my LJ does and frankly, that place is more likely to anger me than anything else, especially the people that end up reading it anyway.

Look, I really don't expect everyone to agree with me. I don't mind. You can honestly disagree with me on any point and I'm totally willing to be civil with it--I like a good conversation after all. But either A) arguing with me for the sake of arguing or B) Empty circle talk just irks the fuck out of me and I don't understand why people do this. You know, denying white privilege just because you don't see it & don't think you have it is just that: denial. But what the fuck ever, what do I know?

Also, the other reason I get irritated so quickly is it's always the same two damn people wanting to fight with me about shit. Everyone else fortunately stays well away, but nooo. The troll and the misguided.

Here's a comment from the self-proclaimed "troll". My responses in italics. Rizui is my LJ username, by the way, so yes I really do refer to myself in third person like everywhere.

And honestly if you don't agree with what I say or the way I say it, that's fine. You can tell me, I won't bite your head off here :P just understand how irritated I am at this dude...

Aaaand broadcast!:

...Please don't take my comments too seriously. When I'm serious, you'll know.

As I said, no I won't. How could I? Have you ever answered me seriously yet?

Anyways, Guma comes from an impoverished white family, so of COURSE he's going to listen to you talk about white men being the devil and go "What?" How can he see things from your point of view? He's white. He's got a penis, or so the legend goes. He's worked for everything he has (or his boyfriend has, rofl.)

Uh huh.


Uh huh, I remembered when that occurred.

Now, granted, you aren't specifically targetting Guma. You're talking about something that is very real, which is that Anglo-Saxon men have done a great job of conquering the world and carving a name of themselves at the expense of others, and now those that have been oppressed want what is coming to them.

Finally, some goddamned sense! ...wait a minute...

In between that you've got a lot of people in charge ("whitey" because I'm not a very reverent person and I fucking love that term) going "Uh... I kind of like my seat in power, thank you very much." And you're fighting the good fight against them. ROCK ON.

Shit, I see where this is going. And FAST.

But then you've got these other downtrodden folks, poor class all... but they've the skin color of your oppressors. And you're saying "FFFFFFFFFF YOU ENTITLED MOTHER FUCKERS" and they're all "What? We work hard every day just like you to keep a roof over our heads wtf." I haven't seen you particularly do this,

Here it comes!

but in my experiences the backlash is usually "WTF you're white so you should be doing better" or "you're just lazy" or

Let me isolate this one:

"this isn't about you"

It isn't. You know what, if your family never owned slaves (that's the one we get a lot in the south) or you lived with your poor mother and 7 brothers and no covers and I start talking about ____ and you KNOW THAT SHIT DOESN'T APPLY TO YOU, then it

DOESN'T FUCKING APPLY TO YOU! I wasn't talking about you. What's so hard to get about that *blink* I appreciate your life story but it wasn't needed, good-bye

or, my PERSONAL FAVORITE, "this is a [whatever agenda is being pushed] friendly place and your comments aren't welcome."

If your comments aren't welcome somewhere then they aren't welcome. Luckily for you this is a Who Can Raise My Blood Pressure the Fastest-friendly place so everyone is welcome.

So now there's this weird standard. One the one hand, there's people like you, fighting the good fight for equality and all that good shit, making a difference.

I hardly consider myself among that group, not here anyway.

But then you've got these other people who see it not as a fight for equality, but a fight for race, because what do you know? Some darkie women keep calling us bigoted and telling us to QQ more every time we point out we've got issues too.


Food for thought. You're an intelligent person,

I've been told this many times before, but there's always a catch to it. Why?

and I'm just a mere internet troll, so take anything I say with a pound of salt. I do, however, wish that every time you got into a disagreement or got some reply to something you wrote that isn't basically "FUCK YEAH I WANNA SCISSOR FUCK YOU" you didn't reply with "MAYBE I'LL JUST STOP POSTING THEN."

Please understand that A) I'm rather tired of being civil and B) I don't really care if people disagree with me or not, it's the way they disagree with me.

Seriously, internet people are MILD compared to some of the bigoted real world people you're going to deal with, and some of them have shit I'll never have. Like lawyers. And cocaine.

You think I don't know?

In short, Guma's a fag but I like him anyways, you're an intelligent woman who is certainly not on my LJ just so I can claim I'm not racist because I have three black friends on it, and both of you need to do a better job of seeing the world outside of your respective perspectives.

Thanks, I'm gonna try real hard.

And if you don't like my short replies then obviously you're taking them too seriously;

No, I just don't like them darling.

when I said "kill whitey" I didn't mean you were actually part of some grand scheme to kill all the white people. That's the Jews, obviously.

Like that right there.

Oh, Rizui has a grand sense of humor, maybe you'll get to see it one day. Or maybe you won't. Frankly I don't care.

Edyt: Weird, I just got called a cunt by another person and I don't know if it was in jest or not *blink* Jeez, I can't do anything good lately.


  1. The trolls only want to get under your skin. They have no real point to make. Arguing with idiots will just hive you grey hair. Keep in mind I don't take my own advice as I argue back way more than I should.

  2. Thanks Renee :D good thing I keep my hair dyed to hide all them greys.

    I usually don't argue back but tonight I was just really tired. And then I get told by another person (the one that called me a cunt) that she didn't want to see my opinions stretching her friends page so we weren't "friends" anymore and I just decided enough is enough. So much for having a "personal" space...


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