November 24, 2008

Oh, it's a new profile pic

I swear I won't do this every time I change profile pics! I point this one out because that's probably one of my favorite fotos of myself, like, ever. It's a little low quality but it cracks me up.

You may say, "Xands, why are you getting strangled by a hippie?" It's actually a bandanna; unfortunately it was too small for the mass of my upper cranium, fro included (hey you can see it now) so I...don't know why but it ended up on my face gangsta style.

It's so androgynous, even though I've referenced my gender a few times now so...uhh...just pretend.


  1. i was actually think that too. on the history stuff, i feel you. i love world history and found us history bland. it's not that one's better than the other, like you point out, it's the way it's taught. plus, it's biased too.

  2. Hah, yeah US History is real biased and doesn't even bother to hide it. A girl at the school I tutor, she's there for social work (essentially the same thing I'm doing) and she was talking to the student teacher we have there who was complaining about her old history teacher who was so "biased" because he talked from a democratic standpoint and that was unfair. And I'm thinking, "And telling history solely from the winner's POV isn't eh?"


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