November 27, 2008

Full time blogging!

Alright, after...whatever the fuck that was on Livejournal, I've decided that I'm just through with that place. I can't post anything right and apparently all it is is just "internet yelling" now. I feel like I can have more of a conversation here without clogging up anyone's "friends lists" with my opinions and thoughts.

Sigh. Oh well, perhaps now I'll learn how to make a better argument. As I said, I feel like I can have an argument here rather than just loud internet matches over who's right and who's wrong *shrug* And a more diverse selection of readers at least. I'm just mad that it was MY journal and I feel like I've been ousted from it :/ but honestly, I don't think I've cared much for the place for a while...

So let us chat and have differing opinions, and let us be civil. It's really all I want. And! Now you get the full-frontal Xands...are ya scared? :P

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