November 27, 2008

Reading comprehension

Okay so I started this post then dropped it, but now it's here.

I know I haven't talked about my tutoring a lot but frankly not much has been going on. I am coming to an end of my semester at the school though, and after Christmas I'll only be there for two more days. Fu :/ My last two days there I want to spend some time on reading comprehension.

See, my kid reads pretty good and he's been getting better, but I want to make sure that he's actually able to take in the material he's reading, not just staring at words on the page. I haven't been doing this as much as I like because I simply don't have time in the hour and a half I'm there. But the next couple of days I'm there that's all I want to focus on, hopefully.

Sigh, tutoring has been really nice. I hope that I get more time with my tutees next semester and I'm kinda hoping I'm at the same school because it's so close by. I hope my schedule allows me to get a few more hours too, always nice to have that hefty paycheck you know :D the money, it burns!


  1. can you share the wealth? im broke :(

  2. Haha! Man I wish. After christmas I may not even be able to donate to my savings account.


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