November 13, 2008

Xands needs to be a girl for a few minutes

Ugh. I need to be girly today and do several things, including getting some damn tweezers since I seem to have misplaced mine. I need some cereal and KitKats because my cycle has started *draws Xs over eyes* and I would really like some new nail polish. Really, really, really like some new nail polish. For winter and summer.

And I still need frackin' hair products. Man my scalp is thirsty as hell. I do rinse daily but that doesn't help much since I'm out of my deep conditioner (maybe for the best, it had a little more junk in it than I really wanted). In the winter my hair gets really dry really quick. I'm torn between trying Kroger/Rite Aid or maybe just ordering something online. I'm looking at the Treasured Locks website and they have some interesting stuff that I really doubt I'd find in Johnson City--that being because JC is really tiny mostly. You never know though...hmm.

I'm currently looking at Black Earth Herbal Hair & Scalp Strengthener because I'm always having issues with breakage & dry scalp. We'll see how my bank account looks in the morning, I might get magically paid again or something. Not that it's that much more expensive than what I'd buy in the store though.

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