November 14, 2008

Really Tan People's History Month

Warning: Most of this post is in jest. Juuust saaying.

February is Black History Month. October is LGBT History month. November has a lot of shit going on in it, and I think April is Women's History month (I can't fact check at 2 in the morning, lemme alone!). All sorts of groups are lining up to claim representative months! But I'll still get people who ask me, they'll ask me "You know, black people have a month but what about, I dunno, Laotians?"

Interestingly most of the time these people are white ergo I usually call them jealous, bitter bitter mean people. But, you know what I'm advocatng?

Really Tan People's History month.

Really Tan People make the world go round. You probably know a bunch of them. What do I mean by Really Tan People? I mean pretty much everyone who isn't naturally stark-ass blindingly white. I don't think Really Tan People get their due justice. Hell, Really Tan People probably jump-started civilization, did you know that? Of course you didn't, that's why their needs to be a month for them!

Sigh. I swear it feels like I'm the only one who goes through this shit with these ignant ass people I call friends of mine. I think I'm already feeling pre-emptive about February because I know I'll get a bombardment of statements about how we don't need a Black History Month anymore because all it focuses on is negative *rolls eyes* I don't think straight when I'm sleepy...

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