November 7, 2008

Why Obama stays on my door

So, our door got vandalized.

I figure I'll tell this story and get it over with, and this will hopefully be my last Election Day post since the drama has officially died down (I think).

So my room mate P, the one I hate (yet have started to respect again), is an Obama supporter. In spite of the extreme prejudice & racism on this side of the state (I can't tell you the hateful things I've heard from some McCain supporters) she went with the really tan guy with the funny name.

If anyone recalls correctly, I, on the other hand, said I would not be voting in this election. Yes, yes, I know, the shame. There's actually two reasons now but I won't go into those because it detracts from the story. I was happy when Obama was elected, however, but there were only 3 people in my vastly Republican dorm hall to really celebrate with. And it just got WORSE when I checked Facebook, LJ, and everything else I'm on right now (bout fifty-levin sites).

"He's just going to get assassinated" and "Well now we're a Socialist country" and "God help our country" and "I'm moving to Canada" and all kinds of ignorant shit. It actually made me quite depressed but relieved at the same time to see these people and their true colors in all their hateful glory. As the days go on I think I'm more relieved than sad that I officially know who not to associate with anymore, not just my so-called Republican friends but just these generally myopic, hate-mongering, racist, idiotic fools I used to call "friends" *sigh* And now you see why I don't have any...

But indeed I celebrated with my room mate. I congratulated. And the next day in the paper there was a big, colorful picture on the front page of Obama in front of the flag (during a debate I think) and a large caption declaring, "OBAMA WINS". Me and my room mate, knowing the residents of our hall, smirked at each other and I grabbed a pair of scissors, borrowed some tape, and voila, Barack Obama was part of the newspaper-flower collage on our door. Smack dab in the middle, the title taped separately from the photo.

Well, we both took a bet on how long it would be before some disgruntled soul came by and got mad, and we agreed on 5 hours. Oh, but the young ladies/men here proved us wrong and I bet you it wasn't an hour or two later before we discovered the picture missing but the caption still up. It was ripped up in the lobby before the elevator. We looked at each other and LAUGHED at the sheer ignorance.

We didn't cry foul or racism or anything, we just laughed because we knew it would happen. So I slapped on some post-it notes on the ends of the caption and declared these misguided ones "Ignorant fuckwits" followed by "LOL!" Yeah, it's juvenile but...come on, you take the picture but not the caption? That's like moving the headstones but not the bodies /Poltergeist.

So...I guess an hour or two later, guess what, the caption is gone, sticky notes and all. Oh, but we had reserves. We slapped up another photo I'd printed at the very top of the door (P is much taller than I) and I wrote in the blank space, again, "YOU IGNORANT FUCKWITS! LOL!" and reminded them that "Vandalism is bad you gaiz". And you know what? It's still there! Hmmm.

It's going to stay there and I don't care how many times it gets ripped off, we'll just keep putting up new pictures if we have to. I think the drama really is over, but no one bothered their McCain/Palin posters and pictures depicting Obama as the devil. Why do they get to fuck with our door? No, now is not the time to stand for that. We'll exercise our freedom of speech just as they do, over and over. The election is over and America/the electoral college disagreed with you, is tearing up a photo all your mean little heart can do? I laugh at the superior intellect /Star Trek

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