November 8, 2008

Barack's Ark

I've been staring at this for like 20 minutes trying to figure out why it's news, but it's kinda cute.

New White House Puppy
US President-elect Barack Obama is still working on the make-up of his cabinet. A far more important decision - for his daughters at least - will be choosing the puppy that accompanies the new First Family to the White House.

Mr President (Elect), the world is watching you with bated breath to make the right decision. Which is a Maltese, obviously.

I thought it was cute that he wanted to choose a dog from a shelter, for PR reasons and I bet he really means it (or, I hope he does). He could spend thousands of dollars on a purebred or he could save a pup!

I guess this brings the question of...if you were prez, what pet would you choose if any? Something common place like a kitty or a pup, or something exotic like a hedgehog or a chinchilla?

If I were prez I think my pet would be a nekkid cat, like a Sphynx or a Peterbald. Being nekkie, they're probably more willing to cuddle than normal cats and I can dress it up in pillbox hats and stuff. Nekkid kitties!

Ooh, or maybe something different like...a bunny! Coz my government would be...fertile and...stuff.


  1. Hmmm interesting...

    If I were going to the White House what would I choose for my pet?

    No brainer there my faithful Australian Blue Heeler. The best doggy in the whole wide world. They are so great I have two of 'em :-)

  2. Cute! I wasn't sure what breed that was so I had to look it up and they look adorable & friendly!

    The more I slightly think about it, I'd totally have to go for the naked cat. They're just so different.

  3. OMG, I totally LOVE the Sphinx. I used to have pix on my laptop wallpaper. Everyone hated it. One day, when I have money to wipe my ass with, I'll get one. I also love the Shar-pei.

    Off topic, but not really--do you know why the dog breeding/animal breeding business is still so prevalent? Really? It's not a rhetorical question. I just wonder how much money people and industries could really save if they stopped breeding house pets.

  4. Yes, finally another nekkid cat lover!

    As for why the breeding biz is still so prevalent, shit that's actually a good question. My best guess is that people actually keep PAYING for expensive, purebred pets. It's not something I've looked much into though, I admit.


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