November 17, 2008

Random Christmas hate

Okay, like the History Channel, just about annually from late November to December I have to spit on Christmas's memory. I just do. I mean, I can back up all my explanations for why I hate Christmas but in truth I'm really ambivalent about it and I'd just really rather not celebrate it. Here's some of a Facebook note about me and my creepily cryptic remarks to my mother last night:

Sometimes if I call/you call me in the right (or wrong rather) mood I tend to say some cryptic ass shiznit. Mostly to my mom who just knows I'm creepy as hell. Last night I said this to her:

"I'm thinking about buying my kid [Ed: The kid I tutor btw] a Christmas gift...but I want him to know that I don't celebrate Christmas."

And I'm dead serious, I really do not celebrate Christmas. Except that one year I threw boxes at everyone [Ed: I got super creative and painted some of my friends mini wood boxes] I really don't care for that stolen, bastardized pagan holiday. And it's really nothing to do with my atheism, I've never liked Christmas since I guess around I hit puberty. it may have something to do with atheism. But, after I did some growing up, I became disgusted with the fact that my mom would spend money we didn't have on all these great toys that I would play with once and forget about. Then I just began to detest all the materialism about what's really a stupid holiday when you think about it, supposedly celebrating when the baby Jeebus was born but I hope it's common knowledge by now that Jesus was born no where near December, let alone the 25th. It's a little like Easter, which is supposed to celebrate the resurrection of Zombie!Jesus (whyyyy?) then we throw a rabbit into the mix, a symbol of fertility. Who gets this shit?

So all that justification aside, I just really don't like Christmas and I don't care who knows it. And yes, I just spat on the happiest holiday of the year and I want you to do something about it. Hit me! COME ON!

/Joker, is even wearing a purple jacket

I really am...who's biting who's swagger?

I probably won't be doing much Christmas haterade since college kinda forces me to have a life and do far many more other things (yes I really said that) other than sit at my blog/journal and bitch about random Holidays. So I'll be quiet :D and not ruin everyone's fun...

I guess I should clarify that, you know, I don't mind gift giving...I like to give people gifts all year round, not just on a particular day :/


  1. *hits you* but in a high five you go girl kinda way. I can't stand holidays either, they are dumb, I am with you. Lets start our movement!

  2. *is hit* ow...yay! Anti-Holiday movement!

    Merry Christmas to you too, JACK...and some bah humbug and that ain't Santa in yo chimney!

  3. I despise the holidays. I wish I could think of way to recreate things. I also like to give gifts at all times. But I think the birthday is most important. But society cannot capitalize off of birthdays because they are not concentrated. Whatever.


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