November 17, 2008

More bloggerversaries?

As you may recall, I recently celebrated my 200th post (damn) a few weeks ago by doing 201 and now I think I'm up to 211 *dies* I better start figuring out what to do for 500.

But, while egotistically looking through my archives (well, just the drop down menu, I don't recommend it), I noticed I may have a new anniversary coming up...I've nearly blogged a year!

I've been blogging since March about so it's been...what, 8 months? 4 more and I'll be celebrating a year of glorious, random ass blogging!

....And I think a month or two after that I'll be "celebrating" 6 pointless years on Livejournal. Good GRACIOUS, how long have I been on the damn internet? They're going to start charging me for storage, I know it.

Well, it's still too early for me to figure out what to do for the March festivities. I guess we can all dance around the Maypole if that's what you like. But I'm just so surprised at myself. If you've had the misfortune of peeking through my archives you'll notice that this was supposed to be my little random, writing off-shoot so I wouldn't clutter up my LJ. Well, I can't get much shit done so eventually I moved on to other things, creating a totally separate entity from my LJ, especially after the random ass drama I started having over there *blink* I started talking about topical things because it's kinda like yelling in a cave with no echo. Then I started messing with HTML and off I went.

Now, I'm just so totally awesome! :D Go me. Go blog! I can't wait to do something totally random in a few months! Until then, I'll just keep doing whatever the hell it is I do, some of you seem to like it :O


  1. damn, LJ has been around for as over six years?? i had no idea.

  2.'s actually been around like 7 or 8 years I think. Time sure does fly.


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