November 18, 2008

Nope, you don't get to question my gender

Oh lord, why has drama been following me around on the internet lately? Can't I just read fanfiction in peace without having to worry about people (I know) giving me stupid shit? GODDAMNIT.

Ugh, after my Christmas hate post that I did on Facebook as well, Matt (the same guy I've mentioned here like 3 times now) pops in and does this...thing. He continuously pokes fun of my gender/sex claiming that I don't have a gender *blink* Now...obviously I like to do a little gender-bending. I don't particularly care if people mistake me for a guy, over the internet or in real life. Sometimes I even go out of my way to appear androgynous, not always because I like to but because apparently I have few stereotypical female characteristics anyway. Did I mention that this bothers me?

But there's poking fun and then there's crossing the damn line. Telling me to "get out of imaginationland" and that I don't have a sex is crossing the line to me and just stupid. Telling me repeatedly that I'm not male or female gets on my damn nerves and is quickly becoming a sore spot for me. I've never been totally comfortable with my body and here this fool comes making me feel even more uncomfortable, still pressing the issue even when everyone else has backed out of the conversation.

Sure, someone who is confident and comfortable with themselves can call on someone who is not. However, since I simply no longer take idiocy lying down, I told him that for all the questioning of my gender he does, he knows nothing of my sex. He says he is joking and I tell him I don't care. The defeated response is "okay okay no more questioning your gender."

No, fuck you further, you don't get to question anything about me considering that you DON'T KNOW ME. You have to understand that Matt's been on my "Kick In The Face" list for a while for previous, uh, offenses. Over the internet and in real life. This isn't even the first time I've told him off about something similar *sigh*

It's really unfortunate that none of my so-called friends know shit about me and never bother to learn, apparently. Ugh, fuck everyone.

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